Obiettivo sulla Piazza Verde e dintorni
6-19 September


6> 23   September


All day long


Bergamo Alta e Bergamo Bassa

The 7th edition of the contest promoted by the Gardenia and Bell'Italia magazines comes back.
The competition will award the best shots taken between 6th and 19th September of the setups designed and created for I Maestri del Paesaggio 2018.

Media partner:  gree_eye_Gardenia   

Cover photo: Mauro Bertolini

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Info and regulations

The competition is open to all, individual citizens, amateurs and professionals, of any nationality.
Participation is free.
Photographs must be sent by e-mail no later than 11 pm on September 19th.

In the following days the jury will analyze the shots to decree the winner.

The winning prize for the 2018 edition of "Obiettivo sulla Piazza Verde e dintorni" is:

1° prize: Weekend for two in Amsterdam,
     flight and hotel stay courtesy Ovet Viaggi
     to be used by May 2019; not valid on holidays

>> Download the rules here

Award ceremony – 23rd September

On the last day of the Event at 10.30 am, the award for the best shot among those received will be given. The prize-giving will take place at the Portico of the Palazzo della Ragione in Piazza Vecchia.

1° classified Mauro Bertolini 2017

Edition 2017

1° classified: Mauro Bertolini
2° classified: Vincenzo Fontana
3° classified: Giuseppe Agati
4° ex aequo classified: Giorgio Pesenti
4° ex aequo classified: Luca Foresti
5° ex aequo classified:Barbara Rossi
5° ex aequo classified: Fabio Ghisalberti
6° ex aequo classified: Federico Furlani
6° ex aequo classified: Manuel Formentini
6° ex aequo classified: Marcello Parigi

Edition 2016

1° classified: Andrea Paris
2° classified: Vincenzo Fontana
3° classified: Alessandra Curti
4° classified: Luca Montanari
5° ex aequo classified: Antonio Gallucci
5° ex aequo classified: Barbara Rossi
5° ex aequo classified: Fabrizio Maestroni
5° ex aequo classified: Francesco Casali
5° ex aequo classified: Giovanni Spreafico
5° ex aequo classified: Mauro Bertolini

1° classified Andrea Paris 2016

1° classified Giulia Simone 2015

Edition 2015

1° classified: Giulia Simone
2° classified: Alberica Mapelli Mozzi
3° classified: Anna Carminati
4° classified: Maria Chiara Briccola
5° classified: Giulia Bosio
6° classified: Alessia Ravasio
7° classified: Fiorenzo Rondi
8° classified: Alessandra Facchinetti
9° classified: Alessandro Angeli
10° classified: Antonio Gallucci

Edition 2014

1° classified: Mauro Bertolini
2° classified: Fabrizio Maestroni
3° classified: Luca Guerini
4° classified: Weiwei Hu
5° classified: Manuel Formentini
6° classified: Marcello Parigi
7° classified: Jin Pinyu
8° classified: Angelo Bertola
9° classified: Giuliana Bertocchi
10° classified: Sergio Galimberti

1° classified Mauro Bertolini 2014

1° classified Giorgio Galbusera 2013

Edition 2013

1° classified: Giorgio Galbusera
2° classified: Giorgio Sessa
3° classified: Sarah Bronco
4° classified: Cristian Riva
5° classified: Marcello Parigi
6° classified: Mauro Bertolini
7° classified: Walter Carrera
8° classified: Giovanna Locatelli
9° classified: Fiorella Schiavo
10° classified: Francesco Mosconi

Edition 2012

1° classified: Carlo Buliani
2° classified: Clara Mangili
3° classified: Alberto Iacono
4° classified: Francesco Radici
5° classified: Giuseppe Preianò
6° classified: Linda Locatelli
7° classified: Paolo Gianfrate
8° classified: Arnaldo Pololi
9° classified: Laura Fioroni
10° classified: Lorenza Figari

1° classified Carlo Buliani 2012