Vivi la magia
della luce

Son et lumière

For the entire duration of the Event, every evening, Clay Paky – world leader in the manufacture of event illumination products – will bring light to life in five magnificent parts of Città Alta.

The tour ends in Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe, since the Middle Ages one of the nodes of the city’s main thoroughfares and vital centre of the city’s economy, with its numerous shops. Under the piazza is a water cistern, built in the fifteenth century for the supply of water to the homes in the area, and still in use today. The piazza will become the amphitheatre for a stunning representation of "son et lumière", which will cover the walls of the surrounding buildings with the magical light settings made by Clay Paky luminaires. Geometrical design projections will alternate with images inspired by vegetation –all created exclusively for this event – on the walls of the surrounding buildings.The floor will become a carpet of flowers that covers the entire piazza; the water tank will be bathed in blue light to remind us of its symbolic power as the source of nature and life. The dynamic sequence of these special effects will be highlighted by a soundtrack of music by various artists and an original composition of sounds that mimic nature.