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International Meeting of the Landscape and Garden

The International Meeting is an exceptional showcase during which amateurs and specialists alike can come in contact with the culture of the landscape through the explanation of speakers of national and international renown.

A two-day intensive observatory on the best examples of landscape and garden culture. 

Focus 2016: Wild Landscape!

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Friday 23rd September, Teatro Sociale, via Bartolomeo Colleoni, 4

9.00-9.30 am - Registration
9.45-9.50 am - Giorgio Gori, Mayor of Bergamo - Greetings from the City
9.50-9.55 am - Claudia Terzi, Councillor for Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development - Greetings from the Region
9.55-10.45 am - Laura Gatti - Introduced by Arianna Ravagli, Landscape and Nursery of Acer magazine
10.45-11.30 am - Coffee break
11.30-11.45 am - Stefan Tischer and Lucia Nusiner - Presentation of Piazze Verdi 2016
11.45 am-12.35 pm - James & Helen Basson - Scape Design Searl (FR) - Introduced by Marianne Loison, Editor-in-Chief of L'Art des Jardins magazine
12.35-2.15 pm - Light Lunch (buffet) at former San Francesco convent
2.30-3.15 pm - Presentation of the projects of Summer School 2016
3.15-4.05 pm - Lisa Delplace - Oehme, van Sweden&Associates (USA) - Introduced by Anna Lambertini, Editor-in-Chief of Architettura del Paesaggio magazine
4.05-4.40 pm - Coffee break
4.40-5.30 pm - Andy Sturgeon, Best in Show at Chelsea Flower Show 2016 - Introduced by David Grenham, Art Director of  Gardens Illustrated magazine
5.30 pm - Conclusion of Day One

Saturday 24th September - Teatro Sociale, via Bartolomeo Colleoni, 4

09.00-09.30 am - Opening of theatre
09.30 am - Beginning of works
09.30-10.10 am - Andrea Cochran - Landscape Architecture (USA) - Introduced by Emanuela Rosa-Clot, Editor-in-Chief of Gardenia-Bell'Italia-Bell'Europa-In Viaggio magazines
10.10-10.15 am - Book Presentation "Forme e architetture dei giardini" by Claudia Zanfiand and Laura Pirovano, Photos by Alberto Callari (Silvana Editoriale, 2016)
10.15 -10.45 am - Green Company Award, Awards session
10.45 -11.15 am - Coffee break
11.15-11.55 am - Jenny B. Osuldsen Snohetta Studios (NR), Introduced by Sara Banti, Managing editor of Abitare magazine
11.55 am-12.25 pm - Talk - discussion with Emanuela Rosa-Clot; Andrea Cochran, Lisa Delplace, Jenny B. Osuldsen will discuss the "Wild Landscape" theme
12.25 -12.35 pm - Conclusion of the Meeting

Event Moderator: Mario Bonicelli (board member and co-founder of Arketipos)

Download here the International Meeting programme (.pdf)

Andrea Cochran

Andrea Cochran

She considers art, architecture and landscape in their totality emphasizing the experience of design and triggering a deep relationship between man and nature.

Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture

Lisa Delplace

Lisa Delplace

Her works which range from urban corridors to public gardens and to urban residences are the result of her knowledge and care of the ecological process.

Oehem van Sweden Landscape Architecture

Jenny B.   Osuldsen

Jenny B.  Osuldsen

Since 1995 she is one of six partners in Snøhetta. She has contributed at the starting up and managing of Snøhetta Studios in New York City.


Snøhetta Studio

Laura Gatti

Laura Gatti

She has worked for over 20 years in the design and management of public and private green areas. She is the co-designer of the “Bosco Verticale” of Stefano Boeri.

Laura Gatti

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The cost includes:

- entrance fee at the theatre for the two days of the Meeting
- 3 coffee breaks
- simultaneous translation service
- free ticket for public transport and for the transit between Orio al Serio Airport and Bergamo (valid on the days of 23rd and 24th September 2016)
- discount reserved for entrance to museums and other attractions in the City
- and, from this year, the Light Lunch on  Friday 23rd September

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