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Land Art Workshop

The workshops, held by Professor Jan-Erik Sørenstuen, are for students, educators, and lovers of art and landscape. They aim to stimulate the sensitivity of participants by framing similar artistic experiences through pictures and applying them to Bergamo’s green heritage.

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Each workshop will last for five hours, and will take place in GAMeC and nearby Parco Suardi or along the Landscape Route, the circular walkable route that starts out from Piazza Vecchia, goes through the Sentiero dei Vasi and Case Moroni and returns to Piazza Vecchia, all within the Parco dei Colli. Jan-Erik Sørenstuen will create an installation.

After a brief introduction to be held in GAMeC, where examples of previous experiences and workshops will be studied to address the fundamental concepts of Land Art, a part of the course will take place in a natural setting where one tries to visualize and emphasize the 'ordinariness and normality’ of Nature. Organizing materials, colours and natural forms in an unconventional way makes them more visible, interesting and eloquent to our eyes. It is advisable to use a camera or a smartphone to document the various stages of the work, the process and the finalization of the different interventions. Commenting on these images is usually done during the last phase (the last hour) in the classroom. Sørenstuen’s works fit into this framework, aimed at understanding and enhancing the aesthetic connection between art, nature and the culture of the area. The courses held by Sørenstuen aim to strengthen the creative and individual dynamics of the group and the aesthetic choices of expression through materials, colours, lines, textures and forms that are present on site. In this way the artistic productions can be different: photographs, sculptures, installations, performance art, architecture, or design.

The workshops, brought about in with collaboration with GAMeC’s EducationalServices, are free of charge with limited participation. The schedule is as follows:

Saturday, 10th September, 2 to 7 pm, reserved for students of the Istituto Tecnico Vittorio Emanuele II of Bergamo, Tourism Department (Venue: GAMeC with practice at Parco Suardi)

Wednesday, 14th September, 2 to 7 pm, reserved for students of the Liceo Scientifico Statale Filippo Lussana of Bergamo (Venue: GAMeC with practice at Parco Suardi)

Saturday, 17th September, 2 to 7 pm, reserved for students of the Space Factor course, the architecture course organized by GAMeC (Venue: CasaSuardi, Piazza Vecchia)

Wednesday, 21st September, 2 to 7 pm,open to workers in the early childhood sector with enrolment care of the Consorzio Solco CittàAperta (Venue: Casa Suardi, Piazza Vecchia)

Jan–Erik  Sørenstuen

Jan–Erik  Sørenstuen

He collaborates with the University of Agder as an assistant and holds a degree in art and nature-based art education.

Jan–Erik Sørenstuen