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Platek. Lighting Design Workshop

The programme (repeated on the second day) introduces the methodology of the project of light with examples, achievements, basics of lighting and direct experiences aimed at actively involving and inspiring the participants. Exceptional speakers from Bianchi Rossi Lighting Design.

Outdoor lighting setups by Rossi Bianchi will be used to study the features and problems caused by nocturnal contrast. Areas related to the garden and landscape will be explored, leading to the contemporary city, with its memories and its history. This will lead to an introduction to the main instruments of lighting design through practical examples.
The workshop will involve the participants in a concrete experience of lighting design. Participants will be invited to develop lighting concepts for certain public spaces in Città Alta.

In-depth meeting Platek 2015
Practical experience in Piazza Vecchia Square

Nicoletta Rossi  e Guido Bianchi

Nicoletta Rossi  e Guido Bianchi

Nicoletta Rossi and Guido Bianchi, architects, founded Rbld to deepen the research themes and lighting-related innovation.

Rossi Bianchi lighting disegn

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