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Regione Lombardia Seminar - Wild landscape and biodiversity in the design of green spaces

A conference organized by the Regione Lombardia, dedicated to architects and agronomists, to discuss the opportunities for the use of native plant species in land management and landscape, as a safeguard of biodiversity and of Wild Landscape reconstruction.


In the afternoon

Guided tour of the “Valle della Biodiversità” – the Astino section of the Orto Botanico di Bergamo and the ecological corridors of the water network realized on the Rete Natura 2000 site “Boschi di Astino e dell’Allegrezza" (woods of Astino and Allegrezza) in the Parco dei Colli di Bergamo..
There are two possibilities:
1) 2.30 pm, in 25’ on foot from Sala Curò
2) by one’s own means, meeting up at 3:00 pm at the Valle della Biodiversità.

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The event is organized in collaboration with the Federazione regionale degli Ordini dei dottori agronomi e dei dottori forestali della Lombardia (Federation of agronomists and forest experts) and the Consulta Regionale Lombarda degli Ordini degli Architetti Pianificatori Paesaggisti e Conservatori (Landscape planning architects and restorers association