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Summer School

The Summer School, of the Bergamo Landscape and Garden Istitute,  defines itself as an opportunity for discussion, study and research in  the project of finding solutions for the upgrading, enhancement and revitalization of the urban spaces of the contemporary city, through instruments that deal both with the places that represent tradition and collective identity (the temporary installations of Piazza Vecchia and Piazza Mascheroni seen in recent years are an example) as with spaces that have lost (or have never had) an aggregative or functional identity.

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Peter Fink e Bergamo

For these reasons, the 2016 edition of the Summer School shifts its focus on the lower town of Bergamo and will work to give a concrete answer to the redevelopment of Via Autostrada, through the community planning approach. The goal is to turn a simple motorway junction of a suburban area into an urban street, which can receive visitors and recognise Bergamo as a city which cares for its open spaces. The project is that of a charming boulevard that valorises the few remaining glimpses of Città Alta and clearly highlights entrance to a city which has become an international tourist destination. After the positive experience with the participative project of the Malpensata Park and the success for the design of the Green Square in 2014, the London-based Landscape Architect Peter Fink comes back to Bergamo, to guide the 15 students of the Summer School and others involved in the project.

Organizing Structure

Organization In-Charge, Summer School: Domenico Piazzini
Scientific Summer School Director: Elisabetta Bianchessi, Ph.D. Landscape Architect
Supervisor: Dr. (Agr.) Lucia Nusiner
Visiting Professor: Peter Fink (UK)
Young designers from around the world: a maximum of 15 people

1st phase from April to July: involvement of stakeholders and the development of participatory activity to identify the guidelines to be followed in the design.
2nd phase Summer School: realization of the project proposal
23rd September 2016: presentation of the project to the public and to the press during the International Meeting at the Teatro Sociale and handing over of the project to the Town Council Administration Department.

This year the students that will participate in the edition 2016:
- Feofliaktova Oksana
- Ana Tsibliashvili
- Sopiko Tchedia
- Cornolti Andrea
- Maiorano Martina
- Anastasiia Babenko
- Lorenzo Rebediani
- Stefano Saloriani
- Claudia Ferrari

Peter Fink: visiting professor 2016

Peter Fink graduated in engineering, philosophy and visual arts. He has worked on numerous projects around the world, bringing together landscape architecture with urban design, lighting, urban architecture and ecology.  
In 2006 Peter became a founding partner of FoRM Associates, a landscape and urban design practice focusing on place making. The company delivered many pioneering projects, such as Irwell River Park masterplan. In 2013 Peter founded Studio Fink to focus on developing projects that highlight the role of artistic creativity in our cityscapes. By focusing on issues of social sustainability Peter, as an artist, is interested in how culture can became a core quality in the design of our cities as well as a primary catalyst for change. In addition to collaborating with many diverse architectural practices, Peter also taught architecture in London.

His work has been widely published in Europe, North America and Asia. His eclectic work includes award-winning projects recognized around the world such as the One Canada Square Tower lighting, the Three Graces sculpture in Pasadena, the Mersey Wave Gateway in Liverpool, Car Free London and the Irwell River Park for the redevelopment of the Manchester waterfront. But his most famous work is the Northala Fields Park: a big contemporary park in London, with the four conical hills which has become a cult for landscapers worldwide.

Peter Fink was a speaker at the International Meeting in 2011, held a workshop for I Maestri del Paesaggio in 2012, designed and participated in the projection of the Malpensata Park and projected the Piazza Verde in (the ‘pink square’) in 2014.