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LV reinvents the “Portico della Cittadella” with high design furniture able to establish a connection with the architectural background, creating an exciting effect involving visitors allowing them to discover a “wild” landscape.



7 > 25   September


From 10 a.m.to 10 p.m.


Portico della Cittadella

The layout of “Portico della Cittadella” is inspired by the Wild way of life through the match of three outdoor living moments: “Time to relax”, “Green Adventure” and “Urban Style”.

Green Adventure

Space becomes a natural oasis through the essence and forms of teak. This setting gives visitors a picturesque wild corner dedicated to nature and wild beauty.

Time to relax

The furniture becomes an expression of elegance, comfort and niceness. The key word of the outdoor collection can be summarized in “balance”, based on one side by the stiff and geometric sofa and on the other by the smooth lounge chairs. A small green oasis, enriched with blue Japanese flowers, will offer all visitors a pleasant and relaxing space where to spend time interacting and having pleasant conversation.

Urban Style

Valued items linked to modern color trends for a new vision of outdoor. Colorful plants and flowers are suggestive elements which link to modern and original shapes of furniture. Through lights and sounds visitors will be involved in a charming and magic scenery.

Barbara  Negretti

Barbara  Negretti

She practices the profession of Garden Designer, dealing with the design of green spaces.

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