A Bergamo
l’outdoor d’eccellenza

Zenucchi e B&B

Our project was inspired by the main theme of the event I Maestri del Paesaggio: wild landscape, landscapes apparently natural and spontaneous but expertly guided by a project that organizes and composes materials present in nature. For this reason, thanks to the valuable collaboration with B&B Italia, we have set up the porch of the library by designing outdoor environments with the insertion of design furniture signed by international architects such as Patricia Urquiola and Antonio Citterio.


7 > 25   September


From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Portico of Biblioteca Angelo Mai

We wanted to recreate, as the backdrop for the furniture and modern design, a green landscape that aims to recreate local gardens, using green carpet for the flooring, vases made with materials of the earth and entirely by hand (from here the choice of Atelier Vierkant) which accommodate grass plants and indigenous: the idea then a spontaneous garden, apparently in contrast with the historic architecture of the Library, but similar because both born from a project and an higher study.
Finally, for the ceiling we have created an installation with ribbons hanging on the tones of blue and blue: with this scenery we want to evoke a soft waterfall that slight overhangs and rains on our garden. This installation also wants to create a link with the projection that will be carried out on the facade of the library that welcomes our presentation.