Il gusto
della natura

Landscape Aperitifs

Nine encounters on green taste, organized by the Istituto Alberghiero iSchool to talk about the value of food as an expression of a culture and as an instrument for socialization. An occasion for reflection in the company of specialists and exceptional guests who will speak on the wild element in alimentation and health, art and culture, environment and sustainability, man and nature.



The landscape aperitifs will take place at the Parco La Crotta on the following dates:

Wednesday 7 September:
The natural flora of Bergamo city – An atlas for citizens, technicians and administrators.
Giovanni Perico - FAB - Gruppo Flora Alpina Bergamasca

Thursday  8 September:
Wild bugs: stories about insects and other animals in and around Bergamo.
Marco Valle, director  Museo Civico di Scienze Naturali "E. Caffi" (Natural Science Museum)

Monday 12 September:
The idea of wilderness in western culture: photography, painting, literature and music.
Elio Piazza, lecturer at Milan Polytechnic, collaborator with Gardenia for photography

Tuesday 13 September:
To make a book you need a tree,  and Open Gardens 2016.
Elena Gaiardoni, writer and journalist - Adele Sironi, architect

Thursday 15 September:
Eat your habitat. The sense of wild food in the era of food globalization.
Valeria Margherita Mosca, chef, forager and founder woo*ding - wild food lab

Friday 16 settembre:
Donizetti Wild Sax
In collaboration with Fondazione Donizetti 

Monday 19 September:
Garden insects. Natural and wild life in the vegetable world.
Daniele Cavadini, photographer, expert entomologist, collaborator with Gardenia

Tuesday 20 September:
50 years of WWF, the beauty of biodiversity.
Paola Brambilla, WWF Lombardia; Anna Valle, WWF Bergamo and Brescia

Thursday 22 September:
CAMPOBASE: stories about pre-history.
Maurizio Corrado, architect and writer, and Matteo Meschiari, anthropologist geographer and writer

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