Il gusto
della natura

PiCa Festival

The PiCa Festival, for its second edition, comes together with I Maestri del Paesaggio. It presents a programme rich with happenings and initiatives that will add to the Event: workshops, live music, tasting sessions, lunches and dinners. Care of Maite. Ex carceri di Sant’Agata – Bergamo Alta.


PiCa festival 2016 Program & credits

Friday 16th September

H 17:00 - opening of the exhibition In Sant’Agata ex-jail in the presence of nurserymen, expositors, stands of products derived  or directly related to hemp and chilli pepper.


Experiments of contemporary writing. Interviews regarding the Earth, the Territories, the Roots and the Origins. --‐

H 18:00 - Aperitif for the presentation of PiCa Festival 2016 (with Bergamo’s council member and pikkanapa)

H 19:30 - IL MANGIAFUOCO - peppery and amusing competition between chilli pepper eaters with final award ceremony

H 22:00 - concert CLAUDIA IS ON THE SOFA’ -­ Hot & sweet soul blues from Hastag. Factory


The proceeds Of the Evening will be devolved to the fundraising in favour of Centre Italy’s earthquake victims

Saturday 17th September

H 10:00 opening of the exhibition market

H 13:00 PiCa lunch

H 16:00 workshop of seeding in little vases dedicated to children and exhibition/

selection of products from and produced by LORTO Orto Sociale di Città Alta c/o Maite

Vicolo Sant’Agata

H 17:30   Conference regarding chilli pepper:  Feature and virtue of chilli pepper 

H 19:00  PiCaperitif &PiCa Diner

H 22:00 concert “FREE FROM CHAINS -­ dancehall night” Shanty Sound “the

Bergamo Rula” meets Pakkia Crew “the Green Family from Rome”

Sunday 18th September

H 10:00   opening of the exhibition market

H 11:30  fruit cocktail-­‐based aperitif and/or tasting of chilli pepper, self-­‐produced in Città Alta by LORTO Orto Sociale di Città Alta c/o Porta San Giocomo sotto le mura

H 13:00  PiCa lunch

H 17:30 Conference regarding hemp: history of hemp and its possible purposes

H 19:00  PiCaperitif & PiCa Diner

H 21:00 IL CONCIORTO concert-­show by Biagio Bagini and Luigi Carlone (Banda Osiris) indie-­‐pop-­‐veggie-­‐funk all dedicated to the vegetable garden’s wolrd