L'arte dello spettacolo
nella natura

Paesaggio e "Io, Arlecchino"

The event will be presented by Professor Darko Pandakovic and will be followed by a debate, in which the director Marco Bini will participate. The film Io, Arlecchinorecalls the Bergamasco landscape of the Valle Brembana with its historical traditions. It is these values of the protagonist, together with the feeling of attachment to the land and to the mountains of Bergamo, that are struggling to survive in a chaotic modern world. The orobic landscape shows itself in all its different shades, highlighting its uniqueness that comes from the rarity of its special morphology. Here the wild part of the mountain landscape and its slopes is intertwined with the historic villages and the beautiful architecture of Bergamo Alta. The strong connection to the theatre culture emphasizes the historical figure of Harlequin, as the main character in the comedy of art.

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