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The Vasi Aqueduct

The Vasi aqueduct, located in the north-west hilly area of Bergamo, carried water from various sources over a distance of 3544 m within the Venetian walls. The tour of the Vasi aqueduct, led by the Gruppo Speleologico Bergamasco le Nottole,  will take place mainly outside the water complex from Porta S. Alessandro to the village Case Gallina. The route of the aqueduct was retraced by the Gruppo Speleologico Bergamasco le Nottole along the ancient Vasi path and also researching in the archives of the Angelo Mai Library.  Dated 1728, the writings of the fountain-worker Carlo Milani helped to map the route of the canal.

Punto di incontro in Piazza Vecchia

2:15 pm Meeting point at Piazza Vecchia
2:30 pm Departure

Journey time: 2 hours

We recommend the use of comfortable shoes 

Free participation.              



The activities have been organized with the support of Solco Città Aperta, a local guild of social enterprises, and the greenscapers Paola Innocenti.