September on the terrace

I Maestri del Paesaggio enter the world of fashion in collaboration with TizianaFausti, a name of national and international fame where fashion is concerned. The central terrace of the Tiziana Fausti boutique, facing the Teatro Donizzetti, will be transformed into an elegant garden, that will mirror the Sixth Edition setups of Città Alta’s Piazza Vecchia and Piazza Mascheroni.


9 > 25   September


From 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.


Atelier and terrace Tiziana Fausti, Piazza Dante
Garden designer
Lucia Nusiner

Lucia Nusiner

Lucia Nusiner is an Agronomist landscaper. She designs private gardens, natural swimming pools and public green areas.

For the 19 days of the event the terrace and the spaces of the prestigious Boutique will host a public exhibition of the works of the famous award-winning Australian photographer Claire Takacs “Un Sottile Filo Verde”.

A Fine Green Thread

Un sottile filo verde brings together fashion, nature and photography from the recent history of the tastes and habits of man. A thread spun, for example,by two great fashion photographers in whose language nature seems to be hidden in a secret niche, accessible only through careful interpretation. As with HerbRitts, who in his photographs sought the wild presence of natural light in outdoor sets, sometimes in the desert, at other times on Californian beaches. Or Gian Paolo Barbieri, from his search for inspiration in the tattoos of Tahiti, to his shot, published by Vogue Italy in 1969, of Audrey Hepburn, a smiling fairy in a flower-like dress  that recalls his love of photographing hibiscus and orchids.
In the photographs of Clair Takacs, the string that unites fashion with nature travels along a secret path which needs special interpretation. Two important keys have been exhibited, opposite to each other, in TizianaFausti’s atelier.One is the stylist's key, the ability to create beauty using shapes and colours. The other is the photographer’s key, that, with sensitivity, searches for the beauty that exists in nature, the discovery of nature's own shapes and colours, and shows them in nature’s own light. As with clothes, in Clair’s explored world too there is the work of the human hand. The nature captured in her photographs is only outwardly wild: the apparent wilderness  is encouraged, we could say “reared” by men, by capable gardeners, by Masters of Landscape. Clair goes in search of this wilderness exploring the windiest parts of the gardens that she photographs, taking advantage of the untameable light which passes through leaves and bushes, working in the haze of dawn and the chiaroscuro of the twilight. Curator of the exhibition: Elio Piazza