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KidsLab – Infiltration

The power of the wild, the invasion of greenery, the unstoppable and indomitable overflow of nature. moBLArte bases its projects on this idea. The project is dedicated to children and adults with the scope of leading them into, recognizing and naming the wild with the aid of experiences bearing the hidden strength of an infiltrator who eventually breaks down a structure.



moBLArte is Childhood Culture.  Its finality is the child and the integration between generations, which is why the proposed activities will be addressed  to babies in the age range of 0-36 months, to children, but also to their families for a collaboration with grown-ups through a collective installation.
The wild. What is wild? Even before the green design, we thought about the images associated with this word. Wild as formless, pristine, transgressive, without rules, fearful, free, impetuous, brutal...
In the wild there is an ambivalence of feeling: of freedom and constraint, right and wrong, order and disorder, admiration and condemnation, strength and fear, ...
Wild means developing in relation to a need, following that which is correct which then becomes beautiful; it is the spreading and the growth according to an internal principle of harmony.
In the silence of observation, one discovers that the wild in nature is golden, a perfect equilibrium, a picture of biodiversity, a constellation in motion.

This led us to Gilles Clement’s Manifesto del Terzo Paesaggio:

-        Teach not-doing as well as doing

-        Consider non-organization as a vital principle which every organization crosses by flashes of life

-        Move closer to reality with wonder

-        Consider the planetary mix, the third landscape, as an engine of evolution

-        Teach evolution engines as you teach languages, the sciences, the arts ..

-        Consider the planetary dimension

-        Present the Third landscape not as an asset but as a common space of the future

-        Conserve or encourage diversity through permissible practices of non-organization

-        Project the organization of the territory as a large and permeable mesh

-        Create as many doors as necessary for the communication between fragments

-        Facilitate the recognition of the third landscape with the usual measurement by eye. Learn to name beings

-        Think of limits as having depth and not as a distance

-        Accept margins as an area of research on riches born from the meeting between different environments

-        Elevate unproductiveness until it reaches political authority

-        Enhancing the biological growth and development, as opposed to economic growth and development

-        Protect the places affected by belief as an essential area for the wandering spirit

-        Don’t wait: observe each day

The strength of the wild, the bursting of the green, the unstoppable and indomitable overflow of Nature.
moBLArte puts these thoughts at the base of its own design dedicated to children and adults, in the idea of bringing them to name and recognize the wild, proposing experiences that can have as a theme the formless and its richness as well as the strength of the infiltrator, of the one who breaks the structure.
The project is characterized by an area dedicated to children in the 0-36 month age group,  an atelier area and a collective installation area. The collective installation will remain the same for all the events, it will simply grow as participants add their contributions to develop it. The workshops for children will be held on the two weekends. (10th-11th and 17th-18th September).