Meetings and debates
with archistars of landscape

#Educational - BLG Institute

A calendar designed for discoveries, meetings and reflections, all in the presence of the most well-known landscape archistars, guests and speakers at the International Meeting of the Landscape and Garden and at other seminars and conferences, centring around the theme of Wild Landscape, to be held this year.

Unique moments of deepening awareness and formation in beautiful parts of the city.

All the #Educational initiatives - conferences, debates, workshops with superstars and landscape companies - are coordinated by Bergamo Landscape and Garden Institute.


RESIST, REORGANIZE, RESTART The mountain in the face of the crises of yesterday and today, between limits and opportunities Edition dedicated to ...

Universitè d'Etè The relationship between man and nature: dialogue between law and science moderator: avv. ...

Universitè D'été

Biodiversity in the city A project of Arketipos within the program of Landscape Festival 2021 Moderator:Vittorio Rodeschini president of ...
7 - 8 settembre

Alpine seminar

The Alpine Seminar, now in its fifth edition, is a seminar that proposes an in-depth study “in the mountains and to do with mountains” on ...
11-21 settembre

Landscape School

Landscape School, in its Sixth Edition, is a project of the Landscape Festival – I Maestri del Paesaggio. ...

Valfredda Workshop

Valfredda Workshop Valfredda Workshop, the in-depth study dedicated to the design of green spaces with a special focus on flowers and herbaceous ...

Valfredda Seminar

Valfredda Seminar Organized by the Valfredda Nursery, Valfredda seminar is a moment of in-depth study dedicated to flowers and herbaceous ...
6 settembre

Université d’été

Good Habits for the Landscape This year too, the Université d'Eté now in its Sixteenth Edition, presents a day of in-depth study in Bergamo ...

Under the Bamboo Tree

Labirinto della Masone, created by Franco Maria Ricci, the largest labyrinth in the world, comprising about 200,000 bamboo plants, this year is ...

What is the BLG Institute?

The agreement signed between the Lombardy Region, the Bergamo Town Council, the University of Bergamo, the Lombardy Foundation for Environment and Arketipos, on July 25 2016, reslted in the birth of the Bergamo Landscape and Garden Institute. The Institute focuses on the issue of the landscape as a key concept to understand the dynamics across territories and for the building of a conscious and active citizenship – as an aid to institutions – in the management and use of the territory.

The theme of the landscape is particularly expressive and fertile in the territorial context of Bergamo for its distinctive environmental, urban structure and the dynamics that characterize the territory of Bergamo within Lombardy. Bergamo has landscaping resources to identify it as a laboratory of extraordinary interest in applied research and training on the subject.

The objectives of the BLG Institute work to activate landscaping and landscape interpretation paths with multiple and inter-disciplinary vision: geo-historical reading, plant landscape, traditional assets, urban dynamics (with project ideas that can also be experimented on the field), valorization of spaces and territorial environment issues in the urban context, urban regeneration processes that promote unpublished practices of the public and private space project, application of participatory and collective planning methodologies.

The aim of the Bergamo Landscape and Garden Institute is therefore to promote a landscape culture and to create an institution that is of international excellence, attended by teachers, students and visitors from all over the world. A point of reference for Landscape Architecture.