Fighting polluting emissions


14   September


From 3 pm


Sala dei Giuristi, Piazza Vecchia - Bergamo Alta

The Eighth Edition of I Maestri del Paesaggio is characterized by an interesting initiative: ARKETIPOS collaborates with the association PHORESTA Onlus to offset CO2 emissions and finds in STUCCHI spa the sensitivity and financial support for the operation.

With the contribution of  Phoresta_logo-Stucchi

for CO2 compensation  Educational_Phoresta_logo

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PHORESTA Onlus is a non-profit association that strives to achieve the parameters set by the Kyoto Protocol. The main objective is the reduction of the atmospheric concentration of CO2, one of the main causes of global warming.
One of the tools to combat CO2 emissions is compensation: those who emit CO2 can calculate the amount and buy carbon credits from those who generated them with forest projects.
This formula has been adopted by PHORESTA for the event I Maestri del Paesaggio too, because for six separate events of the meeting, the CO2 emissions generated by the movements of the speakers will be compensated. PHORESTA therefore makes available the validated carbon credits available to it thanks to the Ossigeno Project, stipulated with the Valle del Treja Regional Park (Lazio).

The economic support for the purchase of these credits has been provided by STUCCHI SpA, one of the leading international manufacturers of rapid couplings for the conduction of fluids under pressure.
"It is nice to see that PHORESTA, ARKETIPOS and STUCCHI SpA immediately shared the belief that any landscape, at any latitude, is much healthier if rich in lush trees. We would like to pass on the message that supporting forestation to offset CO2 pollution is possible and accessible to everyone," says Carlo Manicardi, President of Phoresta Onlus.
"STUCCHI's mission is to generate a ‘constant flow of solutions’ in the design, production and marketing of fluid control products. Products that are easy to use, safe, long-lasting, environment-friendly and energy-efficient. This is why we feel in tune with the objectives of I Maestri del Paesaggio and Phoresta onlus," adds Giovanni Stucchi, President of Stucchi SpA.


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