SIEP-IALE National Congress


17 - 18   September


From 9 am to 6 pm


Sala Curò, Piazza della Cittadella - Bergamo Alta


Nature-based Solutions for Anthropocene Landscapes

The event takes place over two days and stands out as one of the moments of the journey to the IALE World Congress which will take place in Milan from 1st to 5th July 2019, entitled "Nature and Society facing the Anthropocene - Challenges and perspectives for Landscape Ecology ".

The two days aim to present Landscape Ecology to the world of I Maestri del Paesaggio, its potential for landscape design and governance and to hold discussions regarding the Anthropocene, the challenges and possible actions.

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SIEP-IALE, AIAPP and CONAF, convinced that the best news that society will be able to propose in the Anthropocene, will result from the interaction between subjects and strongly different themes, rather than from closed specialisms, intend to address the proposed themes in a multidisciplinary way through comparisons between different role-players. Scholars, designers and planners, administrators, operators from different sectors, but involved in the fields of design and governance at different scales, will debate, stimulated by the queries of moderators, with the aim of integrating knowledge, problems and proposals.
Photographs by Beppe Bana

Photographs by Beppe Bana

Monday 17th September

From 10 am to 12 noon
Assembly of SIEP members and elections of the new SIEP-IALE CDN

From 2 to 6 pm
Round table "Nature-based Solutions for the Anthropocene Landscapes: the role of the urban forest"
A moment of confrontation between different role-players on the theme of urban silviculture, aimed at maximizing the involvement of the participants.

Tuesday 18th September

From 9 am to 6 pm
SIEP National Convention "Nature-based Solutions for the Anthropocene Landscapes: from theory to practice"

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Free event