Became hard to be pollinator


15   September


From 2.30 pm


Sala Viscontea, Passaggio di torre di Adalberto - Bergamo Alta

The bee journey from its development to food production

Much of what we eat and see has a relationship with bees and other pollinators. Fruit, vegetables and crop production are tightly connected to pollination.

In collaboration with  èdiventatodifficile_logo comune e orto

All #Educational initiatives are coordinated by Bergamo Landscape and Garden Institute

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From 2.30 to 5.30 pm
Discovering the world of bees: beekeepers will be present with an educational hive to enable a meeting between common citizens and bees.Taste the Dolceamaro contest chestnut honey.

5.30 pm
Seminar by Samuel Boff, Researcher at the University of Milan.

From 6.30 pm onwards
Award ceremony in the Sala Viscontea of ​​the winners of the Dolceamaro chestnut honey contest.

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