Watercolour workshop


18   September


From 9.30 am to 4.30 pm


Bar La Marianna, Colle Aperto - Bergamo Alta

A watercolor rendering to illustrate the natural garden.

The workshop leads to understanding the secrets of rendering with the drawing and watercolor technique through experimentation. There will be a theoretical introduction to the tools and some compositional rules. The phases of work and steps necessary for a good presentation will be demonstrated through examples.

Care of: Cinzia Ester Invernizzi.

All the #Educational initiatives are coordinated by Bergamo Landscape and Garden Institute.

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The prairie of grasses and flowers designed by Oudolf for Piazza Vecchia will be the subject for open-air practicals.
Shadows from below, reserve of light, sense of movement in open space will be the topics of exercise.

The workshop is open to

Landscape Architects

Architecture and naturalistic engineering studios

Landscape Artists

Garden designers

Botanical and landscape watercolour-lovers

Materials required:
- pencils: H and HB; pencil sharpener and eraser
- plastic bag or folder for finished work
- tablet or smartphone for viewing the accompanying visuals
Those who wish can bring elements, work ideas to make up-to-date views of one's design or item of furniture to be represented in the context of a garden. The artist too will provide some visual stimuli as aids to the work.

Participants may use their preferred drawing materials: pencils, carbon, fine felt-tipped indelible pens, colour pencils, appropriate paper, etc.
For those who wish to work with watercolours:
- paintbrushes: synthetic, fine rounded tip No. 2, 4, 8
- paper: smooth paper for rough sketches, size A4 or larger or printing paper
- 4 sheets of A3 or 30 × 40 cm paper for watercolours, smooth or satin 200 gr / mq
- palette or flat ceramic plate

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