Bianchi in Colle Aperto


6 > 23 September


From 10am to 10pm (Fri-Sat to 11pm)


Passaggio di Torre di Adalberto - Bergamo Alta

Bianchi meets I Maestri del Paesaggio  in Bergamo.
Bianchi e-bikes' technology and style to support environmental protection and sustainable mobility.
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Advantages of Bianchi e-bikes

A traditional bike works according to the amount of force you put on the pedals. Instead, Bianchi’s E-bikes power-assist your pedal stroke up to a speed of 25km/hr.
Choose the level of assitance that’s best for you and how you’re feeling, whether it be a light or intense boost.
Bianchi E-bikes range consist of Road, MTB, Sport and City models.


Travelling by Bianchi e-bike you’re reducing pollution levels and making a positive environmental contribution.
On your e-bike you can cruise past stressful congested traffic, avoid producing harmful emissions.
Just as your assisted pedaling efforts are far more sustainable – aided by the long-lasting power of the quickcharging e-bike battery and its efficient motor – investing in an e-bike is an environmentally sustainable, intelligent choice for an ecologically conscious cyclist.

Health & Wellbeing

Bianchi e-bikes are able to enhance your level of fitness and open up a wealth of new riding possibilities.
Because you’re still pedaling, and can select and change the amount of assistance you receive at any time, riding an e-bike lets you enjoy all the health and wellness benefits of a conventionally powered bicycle, but with the freedom to do so much more.
Your heart rate rises, your muscles get a gentle allover workout and your lungs work better than ever – and, best of all, you don’t need to even break a sweat to experience all these benefits. On an e-bike not only your fitness and health will improve, but your stress levels will fall. Getting fitter, enjoying the open air, taking back control and meeting your challenges feed a new level of mental and emotional wellbeing.