Mirrored Landscape - Spazio Gardenia


6 > 23 September


Dalle 10 alle 22 (ven-sab ore 23)


Piazza Lorenzo Mascheroni - Bergamo Alta

The ephemeral garden that Gardenia, with Sarah Eberle and Anna Sbokou, create this year in Piazza Mascheroni, is called "Mirrored Landscape".
A Green Square that will be the centre of Green Design, of which Gardenia is a media partner, that goes through nine spaces – squares, palaces and charming courtyards, to name a few.


Coordination Sergio Cumitini

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Sarah Eberle plays around with the interactions between bushes and trees that characterize Italy.
In the southern part tube-like structures with pores from which light emanates, creating the effect of a starlit night sky.

>Download the Plant List by Piantefaro

Sarah Eberle
Photograph: John Watts

In this part of the square, Ethimo’s Flower line of furnishings is in sage green and plumbago blue. In the centre, the same line of furniture is in a mix of poppy red and orange.

The mulch under the trees is coloured to match the furniture; aerial plants hang from  the trees.
Torus, a sculpture by David Harber, emphasises the mirror effect.

Anna Sbokou's lighting design fits in with the landscape, improving perception: the trees become illuminating bodies, the large stone wall is coloured in many shades in harmony with the areas designed by Sarah, to create an effect of the reflection of the moon and stars between the plants.

Anna Sbokou


Torus sculpture

The sculpture created by David Harber has a smooth and mirrored surface; the perfect shape, a circle, has a hole in the middle.
The work in stainless steel is two meters high, and is an invitation to look at the landscape with different eyes.

The mulching

Tables, chairs, and wood chips from the Orgacolor line of Agresta create carpets under the trees that define the spaces and give colourful continuity to the project.

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