Outdoor Lighting Installation


6 > 23 September


From 10am to 10pm (fri-sat at 11pm)


Condominio Tresoldi Garden

Again this year, the Tresoldi Garden will host lighting fixtures from the Outdoor collection by Catellani&Smith, which have been designed to light up outdoor spaces and terraces, vertical gardens and both small and large green areas, blending in with the surrounding environment.

Project by Maurizio Quargnale, Valter Angeli and Guido Parenzan.



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Near the entrance, arches set in the two side structures are lit by the wall lamps Mora and Syphasfera, which create a
welcoming environment, like a large green living room.
Numerous Syphaduepassi lights have been positioned on the dense hedge that surrounds the internal area of the garden, to light up the path to visitors walking through the avenues, where other ‘custom’ versions emerge from the flower beds.
A striking Albero di Luce, similar to a weeping willow, completes the decoration.
Medousê lights up a special area of the garden. Made of handcrafted industrial glass, here it has been given a new finish.
Syphasera, Syphaduepassi, Syphasfera, More and Medousê are some of the some of the items available to architects and designers for creating new environments in which light frolics in perfect harmony with nature.

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