Zenucchi at the Angelo Mai Library


6 > 23 September


From 10 am to 10 pm (Friday and Saturday until 11 pm)


Portico della Biblioteca Angelo Mai

Zenucchi’s project decor was inspired by the guiding theme of I Maestri del Paesaggio: PLANT LANDSCAPE, a return from the general to the particular, starting from the original ‘words’ placed at the base of nature and any ‘narration’ of landscape: plants and flowers.
Thanks to the collaboration with Kettal, the portico of the library has been furnished with an outdoor setup with the addition of designer furniture from international architects such as Patricia Urquiola and Rodolfo Dordoni.

Cover page – Green Design 2017.


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The location faces Piazza Vecchia, made over this September, into an extraordinary garden that welcomes many and varied species of plants and flowers. Faced with such a panorama, Zenucchi's set-up could cannot but be linked to the concept undertaken by Piet Oudolf.

The tall plants that characterized the library portico last year, now give way to September grasses and flowers, embraced, as always, by Atelier Vierkant's vases: a touch of colour given by nature itself. The shrubs are to be found higher up: greenery hangs from the sky thanks to suspended circular structures that act as containers for various types of plants.


Installation 2017

The set-up of Zenucchi furnishings is therefore born from the original ‘words’ that this year form the basis of the entire narrative of the Event: plants and flowers. These are the protagonists of the portico and the furnishings contribute to create an environment in which these ‘words’ can express themselves.

For this very reason, soft and neutral colours were chosen for Kettal’s furnishings; colours which reflect the tones of sky and lawn, to create a background in which the flowers bear the strongest colours: a single vibrant nuance that gives life to the Angelo Mai Library.