Flower Food & Fashion - Windows contest


6 > 23 September


All day long


Shop windows of Bergamo Alta

For the duration of I Maestri del Paesaggio, Bergamo’s shops – clothing, accessories, restaurants, and bars – will interpret the theme of the Event, and will be enhanced by the reproduction of various art covers of Arbiter. The magazine thus becomes a theatrical backdrop for to stage scenes of culture, decoration and a floral landscape.

An jury of exceptional persons will select the window that is the most ‘Flower Food & Fashion’ of I Maestri del Paesaggio 2018.

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Open sky museum

Visit walking along the Via Colleoni (and its surroundings) 42 showcases made with the covers of Arbiter, the magazine of male virtues and pleasures, by 42 different artists.
Art and culture for an unusual exhibition, where the windows are transformed into modern art galleries.

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Match wallpaper - merchant

Award ceremony: 14th September

The award ceremony will take place on Friday, September 14th at 6 pm, during the talk show ‘Flower Food & Fashion’ organized by the magazine Arbiter at the Sala dei Giuristi in Piazza Vecchia.

The prize for the most creative exhibitor is a weekend in Amsterdam for two: flight and hotel stay, offered by Ovet Viaggi.

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The participants


 Flower Food_Ristorante_Baretto-S.-Vigilio    Flower Food_Ristorante_Circolino     Flower Food_Ristorante_Da-Franco    Flower Food_Ristorante_Ristorante-Bernabò    Flower Food_Ristorante_Ristorante-Da-Mimmo     Flower Food_Ristorante_Ristorante-La-Tana     Flower Food_Ristorante_Ristorante-Lalimentari  Flower Food_Ristorante_Ristorante-Sant-Ambroeus    Flower Food_Ristorante_Vineria-Cozzi


Flower Food_Bar_Bar-Flora   Flower Food_Bar_Caffè-Pasticceria-Cavour-1880     Flower Food_Bar_Caffè-del-Tasso    Flower Food_Bar_Gelateria-Cherubino    Flower Food_Bar_Goss-Gril-Burger    Flower Food_Bar_La-Birreria-di-Città-Alta  pAssaggio-floreale_logo-La-Marianna Bottega_Stekko-Gelateria


Flower Food_Bottega_Alla-citta-di-Babilonia   Flower Food_Bottega_Brighella-snc   Flower Food_Bottega_Brivio   Flower Food_Bottega_Da-Bruno  Flower Food_Bottega_Fumagalli  Flower Food_Bottega_La-Caramellaia  Flower Food_Bottega_Uashmama    Flower Food_Bottega_Punto-a-Capo-Libri   Flower Food_Bottega_Tatum   


Flower Food_Hotel_Fuori-Porta-logo    Flower Food_Hotel_Relais-San-Lorenzo