Scent of Flowers. How is a perfume born?


8   September


From 11 am


Sala dei Giuristi, Piazza Vecchia - Bergamo Alta

A rose is just a rose, but how does it become perfume? How can nature be enclosed in a bottle?
The creation of a fragrance is a fascinating and complex process: from the cultivation of plants and flowers to the techniques of extraction, up to the composition of the fragrance with various olfactory notes.
A meeting to discover an ancient art, which requires highly updated skills and a lot of creativity.
With Giovanna Zucconi, the soul of Serra & Fonseca, and the perfumer Nicola Bianchi, who together created L'Essenza della Piazza.

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Serra&Fonseca for iMdP2018

Inspired by the extraordinary garden set up in Piazza Vecchia by Piet Oudolf, Serra & Fonseca with the perfumer Nicola Bianchi created L'Essenza della Piazza: a green and floral fragrance, of great charm and freshness, which enhances the sensory experience of Green Square 2018, dedicated this year to the Plant Landscape.

Like plants, perfumes change with time. The theme of metamorphosis, which dominates the botanical project for Green Square 2018, translates olfactively into aromatic variations with notes of mint, sage, geranium, violet leaves and rustling grasses.

The olfactory sense is very powerful, capable of evoking distant memories and transporting one to faraway times and places.
L'Essenza della Piazza will open horizons of fields and gardens, herbs and flowers: exalting and evoking, even at a distance, emotions and sensations connected to the Green Square 2018. An ineffable but precise olfactory landscape, where you can rediscover the essence of a unique project in one of the most beautiful piazzas of Italy. L'Essenza della Piazza will be on sale from Thursday 6th September, in a limited edition, exclusively in Piazza Vecchia and selected stores in Bergamo.

The packaging, which incorporates Piet Oudolf’s elegant sketch of his Green Square, was designed by the Informa Agency and created by Grafinvest. The illustration is by Cinzia Ester Invernizzi.

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