Plant Zone Hotel Cappello D'Oro in Porta Nuova


6 > 23 September


All day long


Hotel Cappello D'Oro - Bergamo Bassa

The green contamination of the I Maestri del Paesaggio creates the Plant Zones, inspired by the Green Square in Piazza Vecchia.


Cover photorgaph by Marco Recalcati

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The comfortable hotel

In front of the Best Western - Hotel Cappello D'Oro is a reminder of the Plant Zone of Largo Rezzara: a lounge made of pallets, which act as a support for a green wall at the back.
A resting place that invites and emphasizes the entrance to the hotel. By Togni Giardini.

Large big-bags by Fertil host the green, the informal, and the joyful, for a moment of rest and relaxation.

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