Historical houses - Villa La Gargana


9 - 16   September


Various timings



A guided tour inside the Villa La Gargana of Bergamo dating back to the century XVII to discover its rich painted rooms, the ornaments of the portico and the collection of plants of its characteristic Italian garden.



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“La Gargana” is a country residence which can trace its origins to the Middle Ages. It consists of a large two-storey building with a nine-columned portico that dates back to the Seventeenth Century. The ground floor includes a gracious stairway and five halls. The billiard-room and the ‘Olimpo’ have richly frescoed ceilings. On the left are two wide halls displaying a collection of ancestral portraits. There is also a dining room with its unusual Sixteenth Century chimney. The Italian-style front garden has boxwood hedges that enclose six tall cypresses.
On the left, a flowery carpet covers a hillock where a majestic horse-chestnut stands out surrounded by medlar and strongly scented calycanthus trees. Behind the villa is a park where a curtain of trees marks the boundaries of the property. Along a pathway there are many kinds of trees – olea fragrans, lime-trees, beeches, horse-chestnut, oaks. A small orchard and a pathway of roses indicate the way back.


Sunday 9th September
guided tours at 3.00 and 4.30pm

Sunday 16th September
guided tours at 3.00 and 4.30pm

At the Villa La Gargana
Via P. Rovelli 49 - Bergamo (BG)


Garden of the Villa La Gargana