pASSAGGIO floreale


7 - 10 - 13 - 15 - 18 - 20 - 23   September


From 9.30 am to 4.30 pm


Start from Stazione Funicolare - Bergamo Bassa

Piet Oudolf, the most renowned living plant designer, will create for the 2018 edition of the “Masters of landscape”, the project for the Green Square in which the plants, like a palette of colors,
will compose a trendy contemporary landscape endowed with a strong emotional and contemplative impact.

The guides of Bergamo with be pleased to take you around and explore the Upper Town and the Green Design locations related to the event.

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Header photo: Gianfranco Rota

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Stracciatella, Bergamo's own ice cream

The tour will follow discoveringthe story of Stracciatella, the ice creamflavourborn in Bergamo in 1961 by the hands of Enrico Panattoni, today one of the excellences of Made in Italy, universallyrecognized and
appreciated.NiccolòPanattoni will open the doors ofhis workshop to show you the genesis of the ice creamflavourwhich has recently been officially recognized as a Bergamo brand.
The morning will end with a light lunch at the historic confectionery and restaurant La Marianna.
Later, in the afternoon, the students of some local high schools
will lead you through Piazza Vecchia in its 2018 floral outfit.


9.30 am: Meeting up with the guide at the Città Bassa funicular railway station
10.00 am: The guidedbtour of Città Alta begins with a visit to the most significant monuments of the city
12.00 noon: Discovering the Stracciatella of Bergamo: the story and the visit to the laboratory
1.00 - 3.00 pm: Lunch at "La Marianna" pastry shop
3.30 pm: Guided tour of Piazza Vecchia with the students of Mario Rigoni Stern, Vittorio Emanuele II and Filippo Lussana High Schools
4.30 pm: Closure