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Environment, architecture, beauty, wellbeing, biodiversity, sharing, education, dissemination, balance, identity, impact, intelligence, nature, participation, protection, sensitivity, sustainability, development, territory ...

These are just some of the key words of the Arketipos commitment, which places the landscape at the centre of its reflections.

Help us to ensure that issues such as the culture of the community, of place, of resources, legal and technological culture are disseminated and promoted so that the landscape is increasingly recognized as a common good.

Support Arketipos so that the landscape becomes an instrument of social, economic and urban development and support our work which favors the spread of an increasingly deep-rooted awareness.

Citizens, companies, associations, organizations interested in spreading culture and landscape quality, all can contribute:

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Landscape Festival is looking for you

Bergamo from 5th to 22nd september 2019
18 days to discover, learn, and to immerse yourself in the landscape in a variety of nuances, through educational activities for students and adults.

call for the volunteers

Infopoint and Webpoint, conferences, hospitality, transfers, exhibitions;

for all volunteers a training course is planned, duration and method will be agreed;

from 27th August (start-up) to 22nd September 2019 (conclusion of dismantling)
request availability for the entire duration of the event or to be agreed with Arketipos in relation to availability (minimum period: one week);

anyone interested, starting at age 16.

Landscape Festival - I Maestri del Paesaggio is an event organised by the Arketipos Association and the Municipality of Bergamo.

Arketipos is a non-profit association which aims to promote, inform and enhance the culture of natural landscapes and those modified by human intervention to encourage sustainable development and the individual evaluation of each region through the disciplines of landscape architecture, environmental protection, creativity, art and the education of both professionals and ordinary citizens.