Storytelling workshop on scents and odours with photographic installation and musical performance


19   September


from 10.00am to 12.00pm


Sala dei Giuristi - Bergamo

Reading of poetic prose, taken from the book by Corinne Terrasse-Sonzogni "Poids de Senteurs", translated into Italian as "Gravame del Sentire". Excerpts of words and metaphors to revive the senses, indulge in the pleasure of visual art and listening, tracing the experience of the first lockdown in Bergamo.

Through writings and photographs, as if immersed in a broken mirror whose fragments relate and respond, the performance is linked to "The Moment, O No..." , exhibition held in June at the Centro Culturale Unione Coscienza in via Masone 3, in Bergamo, under the patronage of the City of Bergamo. A gallery of emotions, notes, images, materials and moments crystallized in a moment that speak of the nature that surrounds us, its smells and colors.

A fragment that seemed to have escaped and instead returns to unhinge our experience, and together to open the horizon of beauty that awaits us out there, when we can finally say that we are "shared". «Because it is art, undoubtedly, a key, an essential way, towards rebirth» explains Corinne Terrasse Sonzogni.


With the reading is provided a musical accompaniment with guitar by Alberto Masoni.

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Writer, photographer, Corinne is French of Bergamo origins, who returned to Bergamo in 2018. At the announcement of the first lockdown, a year ago, Corinne drops the pen: «Life stopped in a breath, time was gone, suspended and hanging from the dramatic flow of the epidemic - says the artist -. To avert the anguish of the void, I immersed myself in photography, focusing on immensely tiny details, like an invisible mirror of the outside world that suffers beyond the dicible». The shots of that period have become an exhibition and a narrative of poetic prose, now revived in a laboratory of words and music.


Alberto Masoni
Alberto Masoni is a musician from Bergamo and teacher of music. Guitarist and pianist, is a composer for the world of theater and cinema. Among the many works, his are the music for the film "The Room of the smile", selected at "David di Donatello 2020".