Narrare la Natura - Un laboratorio di ascolto


11   September


from 04.00pm to 06.00pm


Piazza Vecchia - Bergamo

Fabiana Tinaglia
Journalist and narrator of the Circolo dei Narratori di Bergamo. She loves reading and telling stories, in search of adventures that transport her into worlds of emotions and thinking.


An installation that generates an atmosphere hovering between the real and the unreal, the present and the future, through shapes, colours and words that evokes the harmony of Nature in an evocative way.


Two encounters, one with a deconstructed game and one with children's literature that will allow us to project ourselves into the future, while remaining closely connected to Nature. 


A journey through biomimesis and time.


A storytelling workshop: a meeting to find inspiration in the Nature that surrounds us through reading and to redesign our city of the future. Spillo and its parts will be used as seats and elements of the narration. Spillo will be dismantled and the children will draw with chalks the Green that will surround and tell their city of the future.

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A storytelling workshop

Listening to stories of green cities, of new metropolises that are born green and lush. Stories of plants and trees. Of secret gardens. To be rethought and drawn between one story and another, starting from Spillo, a destructured element in space.


6/11 yeasr (max 14 kids)
also from 0 to 99 years