Green Square 2019

Luciano Giubbilei

Arketipos and the Bergamo Town Council present the Ninth Edition of Landscape Festival – I Maestri del Paesaggio from 5th to 22nd September 2019. This is a widespread event that, through an open-air calendar dedicated to landscape architecture and outdoor design, promotes nature and beauty, thus confirming Bergamo as the "City of Landscape".

Eighteen days to discover, to learn, to immerse oneself in the landscape, in many possible landscapes, thanks also to educational activities for children and adults. Open to experts and enthusiasts of all ages (children, adults, families), the Event presents appointments, for the most part free of cost, that include conferences, workshops, exhibitions, shows, competitions and tasting sessions.

At the centre of the Event are the Green Square, an extraordinary reinterpretation of Piazza Vecchia; Green Design, a project dedicated to the enhancement of public spaces; and the International Meeting of the Landscape and Gardens, in which the most important landscapers of the world participate. The theme for 2019 is Pioneer Landscape, which seeks to investigate the relationship between architecture and the natural environment, evoking the beauty of spontaneous vegetation that sometimes reappropriates man-made spaces.

The protagonist of this year’s Green Square is Luciano Giubbilei, the Anglo-Italian landscape architect and three-time winner of the Best in Show award at the Chelsea Flower Show, known throughout the world for the discreet elegance and serenity of his gardens.