One idea, many minds

Landscape Festival - I Maestri del Paesaggio is an event organised by the Arketipos Association and the Municipality of Bergamo.

Arketipos is a non-profit association which aims to promote, inform and enhance the culture of natural landscapes and those modified by human intervention to encourage sustainable development and the individual evaluation of each region through the disciplines of landscape architecture, environmental protection, creativity, art and the education of both professionals and ordinary citizens.

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council member
Lucio Brignoli

Lucio Brignoli

Consultant in security, environment and

energy issues

council member
Elena Stucchi

Elena Stucchi

Treasurer at Arketipos

Accountant by profession

Scientific Committee

We show you our Scientific Committee of the Landscape Festival, composed of names of great importance in the field of architecture and landscape. 

The landscapers and architects who are part of it, make available their skills to study and propose content for the Festival always updated, interesting and stimulating.



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scientific committee
Sara Banti

Sara Banti

Sara Banti is a Milanese architect and journalist specialized in architecture, urban development and landscape design. ...

scientific committee
James Basson

James Basson

Garden Designer.

Starting out in London with community and hospital gardens before moving to France in 1998. ...

scientific committee
Paolo Belloni

Paolo Belloni

He trained at the Politecnico di Milano, ESBAL in Lisbon and ETSAB in Barcelona. ...

scientific committee
Mario Bonicelli

Mario Bonicelli

Mario Bonicelli graduated with honours in Architecture from Università IUAV di Venezia (Italy), with a project for the restoration of the historical Sea Salt Warehouses in ...

scientific committee
Mauro Crescini

Mauro Crescini

After a work experience in the United States of America at the Sunny Border Nurseries decides to return to Italy and devote himself to the world of herbaceous plants ...

scientific committee
Nigel Dunnett

Nigel Dunnett

Nigel Dunnett is professor of plant design and urban horticulture at the Department of Landscape Architecture at Sheffield University and is one of the world’s leading ...

scientific committee
Julio Gaeta

Julio Gaeta

Julio Gaeta has a Phd in Theory, History and Criticism of Architecture from the Federal University of Porto Alegre, Brazil, and is an authorized architect at the Faculty of ...

scientific committee
Annie Guilfoyle

Annie Guilfoyle

Annie Guilfoyle is an award-winning garden designer based in the south of England, her company is Creative Landscapes. ...

scientific committee
Elena Markitantova

Elena Markitantova

Education: interior design, later garden design.

For more then 20 years the head of the design and construction company, then the studio "Triumph-landscape" 

scientific committee
Filippo Piva

Filippo Piva

Graduated in Agricultural Sciences in Bologna and in Landscape Architecture in Florence, he founded PAMPA Project Landscape Environment where he deals with landscape design ...

scientific committee
Elisabetta Pozzetti

Elisabetta Pozzetti

Editor-in-chief Verde & Giardini of Villegiardini magazine.

Collaborator for other magazines related to the world of Green. ...

scientific committee
Emanuela Rosa-Clot

Emanuela Rosa-Clot

Born in Turin (20 January 1964), at the age of 20 she moved to Milan to attend the Carlo De Martino Institute for the training in journalism and when deciding where to do ...

scientific committee
Bill Thomas

Bill Thomas

Before coming to the 20-hectare pleasure garden Chanticleer in April, 2003, Bill worked at Longwood Gardens for 26 years, the last five in Research and Production and the ...