Arcana Nature - Secret Landscape


7 - 8   September


Meeting: 10.30 am in Piazza Pontida


Piazza Pontida - Bergamo

A walk through enigmas, illusions, metamorphoses, from Largo Rezzara to Sant’Alessandro in Colonna conducted by GRAZIA SIGNORI and MARIA MENCARONI ZOPPETTI.
From the portico of Largo Rezzara, where most of the telling will be focussed on the surprising and sometimes enigmatic coloured ‘marble’ flooring, we will go directly to the Church of Sant 'Alessandro in Colonna, where countless coloured ‘marble’ slabs were used, but we will devote ourselves only to the massive orobic trompe l'oeil arabesque columns. These are so well made that they confuse us all until we reach the last side altar, in front of the sacristy, where a pair of slabs of authentic orobic stone show the depth and brilliance that only natural lithotypes have.
The originality of the route is due not only to the fact that it reveals the presence of nature and evidence of natural history in a part of the city that at first sight seems completely man-made and completely devoid of vegetation, but also to the fact that it is one of the rare places of the city where within a few square meters there is an unusual geodiversity: there are in fact over a dozen different coloured lithotypes, rich in fossils whose identification, at times, has remained mysterious for decades, all coming from the Lombardy and Veneto districts, evidence of both the geological evolution and the human history of our territory. The tale then, will not only tell of strictly local lithotypes; there will also be a taste of the consolidated tradition of the ‘mystification’ of polychromatic marbles by highly skilled craftsmen, able to deceive the eye and trap those who see what is a magnificent illusion, with extraordinary proportions, even for nature.

Organized by the University of Sciences, Letters and Arts of Bergamo

Special geo-event of slow and plastic-free tourism, for the seventh edition of the Planet Earth WeekAteneo_logo

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