Equinox feast


22   September


05.00 pm


in front of the Sala viscontea, Passaggio Torre di adalberto - Bergamo

Conference and Live Music

This year too, the collaboration between LANDSCAPE FESTIVAL - I MAESTRI DEL PAESAGGIO and artist Pina Inferrera, photographer and sculptor, continues in two suggestive sites, together with the Botanical Garden of Bergamo and the MIA Foundation.

The artist will converse with experts and the public on the evening of the autumn equinox.

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There will be a meeting on Pioneer Art on nature that is facing a threat.
Introduction and coordination Paola Suardi, Head of Alterego Comunicazione.

Gabriele Rinaldi, , Director of the Bergamo Botanical Garden "Lorenzo Rota"
Stefano Zenoni, Councillor for the Environment of the Municipality of Bergamo
Carlo Manicardi,President of Phoresta onlus

From 8.30 pm there will be a concert dedicated to the equinox with live music by Simone Prandin.

“How pioneer plant species grow on stressed soils and prepare the soil to accommodate other plants and
repopulate the territory, so these my artistic achievements are born from the waste of the industrial process, from the consumption of materials, and want to prepare for a reflection on the environment” says Pina Inferrera


1) Traveling suspended in the air, an aerial installation, hangs from the old wooden ceiling, dialoguing with the space
below and with the passers-by, (inviting even the most distracted to look up). The installation is made up of images of trees reflected in the waters of the Seine.
Water is the element that binds the different installations of the Passaggio Torre di Adalberto on the day of the equinox, to underline the current and urgent issues affecting the environment and natural resources for life and food, or the threat created by irresponsible human intervention in the excessive use of harmful chemicals, examples of superficial and individual behaviour of waste that has been going on for more than a century.

2)A second installation , Crossing in Water, present only for the day of the equinox, consists of polycarbonate pipes from industrial production wastes which contain used water bottles, cut by hand.
The work creates a retractable spiral that evokes the DNA model, alludes to consumerism and the use of plastic bottles for the consumption and industrialised distribution of drinking water and, inevitably, pollution induced by the consumption of plastics. The installation also aims to lead one to reflect on the possibility of a recouping and
suggests the brilliant freshness of pure water.


The theme of food is reaffirmed by the installation NATURA ALTERA -OGM 1998- consisting of
giant tomatoes that occupy one of the lawns of Astino, evoking the idea of genetically engineered food, so beautiful to see and so unnatural..., just like GMO food. Made of concrete and with the petiole made from waste water bottles, they complement the green lawn. The site-specific installation, part of a project from the 90’s, arose from the need to communicate what was being planned, to call for greater attention to be paid to the emergence of the GMO phenomenon, which asked several as-yet unanswered questions since the 70’s.