FRAGILE, handle with care


6 > 20 September


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Sala Viscontea, passeggiata Torre di Adalberto - Bergamo


The central theme of my research is the spirituality of man and its relationship with nature and the human environment. Cristina Gilda Artese curator and gallery owner, Paola Suardi director of “Alterego” communication, the Director of the Botanical Garden, Dr. Gabriele Rinaldi and I, Pina Inferrera, artist, have designed and curated the exhibition of my photographic works inside the Sala Viscontea entitled “FRAGILE, handle with care”. The images refer to the delicacy and impalpability of the balances that regulate our relationship with nature and the environment, but even more, the images refer to the fragility of the human being in his own relationships.


During the inauguration of the exhibition, Saturday 6th of September at 18.00, under the arcade of the “Passaggio Torre D'Adalberto”, at the entrance of “Sala Viscontea”, there will be the presentation of the catalog created specifically for this event with the images of the project "FRAGILE, handle with care" with the texts of Cristina Gilda Artese, Paola Suardi, Gabriele Rinaldi and Arturo Schwarz.



A meeting will follow with the participation of the no-profit organization Phoresta and the Director of the Botanical Garden of Bergamo about environmental issues, pollution, covid-19, the relationship between air pollutants/covid-19 and the need to change our mobility reducing the use of fossil fuels. There will be Dr. Carlo Manicardi, president of Phoresta onlus, the engineer Carlo Coluccio, expert in sustainable mobility and renewable energy, and Simonetta Nepi who takes care about the communication of the project.



Finally, Simone Prandin, director of Zero Crossing Records, will present the performance of the award-winning classical guitar musician, Fabio Bussola.


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