Food Film Fest


7 - 8   September


08.45 pm > 11.00 pm


Piazza Pontida - Bergamo

The point of view of the arts in the discovery and valorisation of the territory

Two evenings dedicated to art as a point of view to start out on the discovery and enhancement of the territory. The initiative, conceived by Art Maiora and Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo, is part of the programme of events of Food Film Fest and will welcome special guests who will have the task of accompanying the spectators on a journey to discover the beauty of our planet. A complex fragility that will be investigated through readings and the screening of a selection of short films from different parts of the world from among those that are not part of the competition of Food Film Fest.

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sabato 7 settembre

An interview with the famous Alpinist Agostino Da Polenza e con il contributo di Luca Andreini che leggerà alcuni brani letterari legati all’ecologia e la natura.

and with the contribution of Luca Andreini who will read out some literary pieces related to ecology and nature.
This will be followed by a screening of the film Il pianeta verde (La Belle verte), 99’. A film from 1996 directed by Coline Serreau

My mountaineering history began as a young boy in the Bergamo gyms, on the Cornagera, on solid rock and spikes in the years between the two World Wars, with the best Alpinists from Bergamo, the Longo brothers, Leone Pelliccioli, and then Carlo Nembrini, the Bergamellis.
Later it was the Presolana, and the Grigne. Mont Blanc came soon after and then the Bonatti, the Capucin and the Dru. In honour of my respect for the profession of mountain guide, I became a bearer, as we said in 1974.
A need for climbing but also of adventure, nature, challenges. And so, in the mid-70’s, my adventure began with what everyone called “non-European expeditions”. First the Andes with the North Puscanturpa and the Lhotse, 8516 m. 1983 was the year of consecration for my passion for the Himalayas and in particular for the mountain that would have marked the rest of my life: the K2.
Since then, I have arranged two more expeditions to the K2. In addition, climbing the Everest to measure it in 1992 and 2004, climbing the Lhotse and the realization of the project EAST (Extreme Altitude Survival Test). There were scientific, cooperation and mountaineering projects, such as the UP project, to which I have given organizational experience. With the heart always pointed towards the high, but also unexplored, peaks. With the head directed to the organizational passion and the construction of an organization that is a leader in the field of scientific technological research such as Ev-K2-CNR. Passion and profession.

When I was 16, I founded Teatro Nuovo Bergamo, a production and artistic communication centre for performing arts and cultural innovation projects. A team of culture and entertainment professionals.
Now that I am 21, in the wake of that experience, I study and work as a creative director and as an amateur of communication and design for creative enterprises. My storyteller base helps anyone who has an idea in the industry to make it and communicate it to their audience.
I love beauty, create it, develop it and communicate it. To make a difference.

domenica 8 settembre

Another point of view on nature, this time literary, through reading some songs in the company of guests and authors.
A screening of short films from among those that are not part of the competition of Food Film Fest:

CA’ LUMACO Italia, 2014, 9’, Production: Il palato italiano | Director: Francesco Piras
It is the story of a passion that clearly transpires in every frame of Francesco Piras’s work. The beautiful photography, the atmosphere at the same time created but natural, the inspiration of writing, the successful communication between the members of the Ferri family. There is no need to be actors when you transmit reality that is lived, sweated for and conquered. The quality of the product, the Norcino, is parallel to the quality of the cinematographic result.

COSI’ MANGIAVANO DI GIANCARLO ROLANDI - Italy, 2016, 77’, Category FOOD MOVIE/FICTION | Director: Giancarlo Rolandi
A wonderful portrait of what Italians do best. Food and Cinema. Giancarlo Rolandi leaves us in doubt s to awhether to use the conditional offering the best of Sordi, De Sica and Monicelli and the bitterness of the most prolific screenwriters of the history of Cinema, Age and Scarpelli. In “Così mangiavano di Giancarlo Rolandi” culture manifests itself in such beauty that it blends the art of small things with the cinematographic dream. Misery and nobility, bread and fantasy, spaghetti, great comforter of every penalty: all at the cinema.

FORMAGGIO DI FOSSA BRANCALEONI - Italy, 2015, 8’, Category DOC | Director: Francesco Piras
Once a year, in the second half of November, there is a pit that opens to give birth to a particular spring fruit. In the small village of Roncofreddo, the Brancaleoni family has been working for three generations to refine cheeses inside the Fossa dell'Abbondanza. The freshly-threshed straw and the aromas of the earth will keep the precious cheeses for a hundred days. After long a wait, father and daughter will be able to enjoy the fruit of the hard work of the past year.

MR BLUE FOOTED BOOBY, - Ecuador, 3’, Category ANIMATION | Director: Gino Baldeon
The booby is a bird of the Galapagos islands that in the animated short film created by Gino Baldeón becomes human. The young director has managed, with his team, to represent an interpretable dream, rightly called a painting in animation.  Restlessness, beauty, charm, elegance and cynicism are concentrated in a few seconds. Truly, animation is not only for children; it reflects imagination as cinema shows reality. Beautiful.

GARÇON! - France, 2016, 15’, Category FOOD MOVIE | Director: Olivier Lallart
Mathieu, a waiter at the Abbey restaurant, will face the worst customer he has ever served!

Food Film Fest is an initiative conceived in 2013 together with the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce and with the participation of Coldiretti Bergamo and Slow Food Bergamo, Valli Orobiche and Bassa Bergamasca, a film festival of international importance dedicated to the world of food, which for its originality attracts thousands of visitors every year; 50,000 in 2018 with 73 countries competing and more than 500 films nominated for the 2019 Edition


Event organized by:   2019_logo Camera di Commercio (3)  2019_logo Art Moira