Food Tour


7 - 8 - 14 - 15 - 21 - 22   September


10.00 am 05.00 pm


Meeting point: Upper station of the funicular - Bergamo

Discover the history of Bergamo through its flavours

In search of the flavours and traditions of Bergamo.
A tour with four stops for food and wine that will illustrate the history and art of the city through food: tasting sessions of cheeses and beer, casoncelli and salami with wine and desserts, all typical of the city, that tell of the passions and traditions it comprises, in the presence of an expert and passionate guide in selected locales of the city.
Samples will be served at the tables.


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info and registration
53€ (max 10 peopole)
+39 320 1539674

This initiative activated on the basis of minimum 10 participants.
Additional dates on request.
It is also possible to request ad hoc proposals for groups or individuals.