Guide turistiche città di Bergamo


11 - 25   September




Meeting Point: Piazza Pontida, Bergamo

From Nature to Nature (a Journey in the city of the future) 


In order to match its proposal with the focus identified for the 2021 edition of Landscape Festival, The Masters of Landscape, the Cultural Association Tourist Guides of Bergamo proposes a bicycle ride from Piazza Pontida to Parco della Trucca, following the course of the Serio canal through the Loreto district, with the "Terrazze fiorite" residential complex, an innovative piece of architecture from the late 1970s. 


Skirting the urban park under the Benaglia hill, we pass under the Briantea and the railway to reach the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital, next to which Michelangelo Pistoletto's "Third Paradise" has been created, a large green oasis of harmony and peace designed to welcome patients, relatives and visitors to the adjacent hospital. Here, we will also stop in the recently inaugurated Garden of Encounter, the result of a project promoted by Arketipos in 2020 called 'Green to the people'.


The walk continues towards the Parco della Trucca, to dwell on the profound symbolic value of the Bosco della Memoria and the pond built in the heart of the park, which combines aesthetic and ecological functions.


free event
booking required  


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