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5 > 22 September


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Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII, 12 - Bergamo

The pioneering vegetation is the theme of this year’s landscape festival - The masters of the landscape. This set-up is inspired by two images:

-The brave pioneer plants, which first colonize the flanks of a volcano after the lava flows
-A flower in cement: a symbol of how nature can reappropriate a space even when environmental conditions are extreme.
Plants can teach us a lot about our way of life.
The ability to adapt, grow without so many needs, taking advantage of the available resources, in a system that finds its balance.
But they also teach us to have a wide and new look;
Moreover, “pioneer” is a discoverer of new lands, new visions and new possibilities for life.
Design: fulvia Giorgioni landscape architect

Project by: Fulvia Giorgioni | Studio Studio Architetto Fulvia Giorgioni


With the contribution of : Logo best western cappello d'oro

Realization of the project:      Logo verde idea

With the support of:  Logo_coplantLogo pedraliLogo_Valfredda_pagine interne

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