Il verde ci dona


14 - 22   September




Meeting point: Fontana del Lantro, via della Boccola, 2 - Bergamo

Walk between history and nature

A walking tour through the riches of the city, talking of history, costume, legends, curiosities…
The protagonist is the greenery, precious and varied resource for the life of man through all time!

The tour starts with a visit to the Lantro Fountain, continues to the Porta San Lorenzo and goes along via Maironi da Ponte observing the landscape with its cultivation of olives and vines. After visiting the Castle of Valverde, it continues along Green Way, a splendid countryside path immersed in greenery.

Curated by     2019_logo-Bergamo-Su-e-giu      

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Graduated in 1999 from IULM.
Tourist guide since 2005. Specialized in accessible tourism thanks to a specific training with ‘viaggi per’. Qualified in English, French and German.

Tourist guide since 1995. Specialized at the Archaeological Museum and at the IVET-Milan for archaeology and religious tourism respectively. Passionate botanist and friend of the Botanical Garden. Qualified in English.

Rosalba will guide the 14th September; Matteo that of 22nd September.