Nature speaks to us


5   September


06.00 pm


Under the portico Palazzo della Ragione - Bergamo

Nature speaks to us

There are imperceptible languages, still to investigate and to capture because of their mysterious propagation. Languages ​​that when stand out give emotions, different from all the languages ​​we know because they do not work with the medium we know best, words;  we can feel them through the other 4 senses that are available to us: hear, touch, taste and smell.


During the event we will totally merge ourselves in a dialogue with the protagonist of the evening: NATURE. Through an interactive play with the public, where the question always provokes an answer, poetry, storytelling and reflection will work on the most important topic: a necessary human relationship – the environment.


Each of us lives in and has a landscape in front of himself, the landscape offers a specific environment, this environment can affect the life of those who live in it. During the evening we will discover how man and the environment have a common point "The upwind on the border", this magic will show us how the power of man and nature could be in harmony.


Project by: Fumagalli Ramona Amalia


booking required
free event

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