Landscape Festival - Bergamo to see


5 > 20 September


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Portico Palazzo della Ragione - Bergamo

Landscape Festival - Bergamo to see

Landscape festival - Bergamo to see

Certainly, a different year, a year where even photography, like everything else, was compelled to give something up, but “fotograFARE” doesn't give up and we present ourselves with three photographic exhibitions. We chose an unusual format, but very innovative and impactful: we decided to print each exhibition on a single 200x150 cm panel fixed outdoors under the “Palazzo della Ragione” in “Piazza Vecchia”, therefore they will be always visible at any time

The exhibitions:

“Landscape festival” a dive into the past, through the photos of all the previous editions from 2011 to 2019, picking the best awarded or recommended shots.


“Objective on landscape festival” the 41 photographs have been chosen among all those arrived in the photo competition of the last 2019 edition.


“Bergamo to see” this is a special exhibition that is already touring our city, it is a collection of images that aims to highlight the beauties of our city, not only, those visible to all because in the city centre, but also those less accessible or far from the centre. An exhibition that in this special edition highlights one of the aims of fotograFARE, solidarity. The photos will be on sale and the contribution will join the “Green to the People” fundraising organized by the “Masters of the Landscape” which will provide for the creation of a garden for the “Papa Giovanni XXIII” Hospital, which will be a place for meeting, exchange, but also for silence and reflection.

FotograFARE   2020_technopartner

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