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Passaggio Torre D'Adalberto - Bergamo


Following the call launched by Arketipos for the Landscape Festival 2020, NAD and HDemy Group proposed their pupils to develop projects that foster dialogues between different skills: from interior design, to garden design, to event organization.

The METAMORFOSI project is the result of a group work that had the goal of recreating a pleasant, relaxing environment that could stimulate reflection and rebirth after a dramatic period of common grief.


The design offers a surreal atmosphere, an escape from daily-life scenes in a playful, dreamlike and eccentric environment: shapes and colours distract and dominate the intersections between wooden rods, anthropomorphic mannequins, coloured threads and evocative words. The project was also inspired by the concept of sustainability, brought about through the creative reuse of materials.

In a sublime background like the Bergamo’s Città Alta, adorned with greenery, the reading of the installation allows us to draw different conclusions: from the amazement resulting from a transformed place , to the solemn calm given by a multifaceted artifact, to the meditative contemplation of plants of different colours, as opposed to the flowers suspended from the ceiling and destined to dry out over time.


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