Nigel Dunnett Exhibition


9 > 26 September


from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 01.30pm to 9.00pm


Ex Ateneo, Bergamo

The realisation of an exhibition in honour of Nigel Dunnett, an important designer and Professor at Sheffield University. Dunnett addresses thematics related to the environment and particularly the relationship between man and nature, and how these two realities can coexist and benefit from each other.


We got our interpretation from the artist’s vision; and this is clearly visible in the artistic installations that we have created. We focused our efforts on the necessity of the human sphere and the natural sphere to coexist.


In order to bring awareness to the public on this necessity we thought of various kinds of artworks. It is therefore possible to find designated posts where the interaction of the visitor is required, and others where no action is needed as it is the artwork itself to interact with the observer. In this way, the visitor is not only provided with information, but also with sensations and emotions.


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The project we have realised plans the division of the space within the Ex Ateneo in boxes in which the visitors will be able to find both Nigel Dunnett’s project and our interpretation.


The space is divided into three areas.


By | Rimoldi Beatrice, Patroni Francesco, Bertoli, Annagiulia, Malzani Orietta, Savchenko Sofia, Cugini Giorgia, Lorenzelli Anna, Mazza Giovanni

Second room

The second room, the central one, is the heart of our project, and it will host numerous artworks: The three-dimensional lawn; The endless garden; The floral heaven; The countryside; Thousands facets; The green of the lane

Second room: The three-dimensional lawn

(Trentham Perennial Meadow Gardens)


Within this box we thought of a three-dimensional artwork that will be realised by visitors themselves throughout the whole exhibition. The idea is to make Dunnett’s projects even more realistic, hence, we thought to realise a painting of one of Dunnett’s works on which visitors will have the opportunity to attach real flowers so that the landscape exits from the frame. With this project we want to delete the distance between nature and man, in fact, we want to send a message of solidarity between these two realities, to make the public understand that we need to take care of each other. This is the reason why real and fake flowers as well as dried flowers will be present. This is to symbolise the care we need to have towards these living creatures that always give us so much without getting anything in return from us.

Second room: The endless garden

(Olympic Park Meadows)


Within this space there are mirrors on the walls while on the pavement there is one of the projects of Nigel Dunnett. We transformed a six meters cubed room into an endless garden thanks to the reflections of the plants on the mirrors. In this way the visitor believing to enter an enclosed space will find himself in the open, surrounded by nature.

Second room: The floral heaven

Another very emotional project can be found within the central box. In it there are flowers hanging from the ceiling and thanks to a mirror on the pavement a highly emotive effect is created, which involves the spectator making him part of the artwork. This idea allows visitors to observe from a close distance nature’s essence and its conformation. It allows to admire flowers distinctive traits: from the pollen, to the thousands varieties of colour, enabling the observer to live an experience full of emotions in order to strengthen his bond with the natural world.

Second room: The countryside

(John Lewis Rain Garden)


Another box that we have imagined contains a tub divided into two containers, in the first there will be some plants that extend vertically and in the second half there will be water that visitors will be able to use to water the pants on the other side. Even in this case the plants have a purpose, which is to recreate a landscape to make the panel behind more realistic. As we have learned from Nigel, designing is not just decorating but also making the landscape useful, hence, it has to resolve the problems surrounding it . Our aim is to make people aware on the importance of nature and to make people understand that man and nature aren’t two distinct entities, on the contrary, they are connected by a very powerful bond..

Second room: Thousands facets

(The Barbican)


In this case we used water to make even more interesting a Panel designed by Nigel Dunnett. The panel is going to be placed underneath a tub full of water, this will give movement to the artwork. To increase this particular effect we have also included in the water rocks made out of glass.

Second room: The green of the lane

(Grey to Green, Sheffield)


To connect man and nature we realised two tanks that recall road surface markings. The visitor will not only experience nature in the boxes but also in environment of the Ex Ateneo.

Terza sala

The third room, the niche of the former university, will be used to expose the latest project: The luminescent nature