12   September


form 08.00am to 09.00am


Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo

Yoga morning ritual: flowing through the seasons. 


A Hatha Yoga practice that aims to awaken and rebalance energy.


Ha means Sun and Tha means Moon and they represent two opposing forces acting in the universe, as well as within ourselves: the male and the female principle.


September is a time of transition that lasts throughout the month, marked by the Equinoctial Celebration dominated by change and the slow abandonment of the summer season, its warmth and its fruits.


As we approach the Equinox, we enter a phase of profound balance of opposites: the number of hours of light equals the number of hours of darkness.


It is the Perfect Cosmic Balance, from which we can draw a deep harmony and sense of Unity and ask for the right balance of our breath. 


This is why the Door we pass through on the Autumn Equinox is an invitation to introspection: it's a time to slow down, let go and indulge in internalizing activities, such as yoga, meditation and rest, non-action.


Awaken the energy means to feel in a deeper way, both energetically and physically: through specific solar kriyas we will fix the heat of the Fire in us, keeping us warm in the advancing autumn cold and we will experience the equal breath (samavritti pranayama) where the inhale (day) and exhale (night) have the same duration, giving us a deep centering in the Self.


We will meet rootedness through the asana of balance we will listen deep within ourselves and the beauty that surrounds us in the beautiful setting of nature of the landscape festival.


by Camilla 



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