Talk to me


5 > 20 September


from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm


Passage Torre D'Adalberto - Bergamo

Talk to me

For the Landscape Festival 2020, we want to develop a small green setting in contrast with the trend of this modern era, an era where digitalization and social media bring people to live their lives from behind a screen. In an increasingly virtual and urbanized world, people tend not to notice the beauty of nature that surrounds them, perhaps this is also due to the fact that staying in the open air is becoming something that not everyone could afford.


"Talk to me", without any presumption, would like to be a small example of how green could be integrated into the existing architecture and create places that push people to leave the house because of their engaging beauty, giving people a way to rediscover the world as a social meeting point, where the environment speaks to the people, leading people to talk to each other.


In a historical moment where architecture and design merge with the concept of safeguarding this environment, my project would like to push people to disconnect themselves from the modern frenzy, inviting them to stop for a moment, to sit down and enjoy the greenery that surrounds them, maybe talking for a few minutes with each other and getting to know each other better.


This project proposes to redevelop existing spaces adding ornamental greenery in cemented places, in order to get a better liveability in our cities without necessarily having to build new more "ecological" cities in place of an already existing nature.


Project by: Manuel Rosin

2020_Manuel Rosin

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