Piccoli mondi


9 > 26 September


dalle 9.30 alle 12.30 e dalle 13.30 alle 21.00


Sala dei Giuristi - Bergamo

installation by Roberto Ghezzi, curated by Erika Lacava


The proposal of an installation of a site-specific work by the artist from Cortona, Roberto Ghezzi, stems from the communion of intentions between his artistic research and the mission of the festival: to enhance the landscape in all its diversity, to experience the landscape without intrusions, in a natural dimension to be rediscovered. 


Roberto Ghezzi's work has for years focused on the a-conflictual encounter between man and nature, in which the artist lends nature his tools: a canvas, in a non-metaphorical sense, a blank support prepared by him and installed in the place chosen for the "creation". Here the artist lets nature "work" in time, with the long times that characterise the natural cycle of things. A dimension in which Man and the Environment enter into a profound and original connection.


An unusual collaboration in which the landscape leaves its mark on the work through the debris carried by the water, the wind, the impression of the sun and the plant pigment, the rubbing of the water as it passes.


This project has taken the artist all over the world, from Alaska to Iceland, South Africa, Norway, Tunisia and Patagonia.


On these journeys, from these encounters, the artist collects seeds, leaves, branches, stolen fragments of landscape through which the memory of the journey can be reconstructed: small amulets of time and place to transport us back to the elsewhere. The natural materials, collected in different landscapes of Italy and the world, are then stabilised and reassembled inside small cubic Plexiglas boxes, each 5-10 cm in size, with the GPS coordinates of the collection point on the bottom.


The site-specific installation created by Roberto Ghezzi in the Hall of Jurists consists of about thirty of these works, called "Little Worlds", illuminated with led lights and laid on a flame-retardant black fabric: material objects in which nature represents itself without mediation. 

Transposing them together in a place, close to each other, to recall journeys and distant lands, is like carrying out a small operation of cosmogony: it is generating an imaginary landscape from scratch, ideal and universal, formed by fragments of reality.

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Roberto Ghezzi

Born in Cortona in 1978, where he currently lives and works. 


His training began in his family's sculpture studio and he completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. He began exhibiting in the 1990s and his beginnings were linked to painting. His entire production is based on a strong interest in the natural landscape, which he initially investigated both through pictorial representation and through experimentation "in the field", in direct contact with the natural environment. 


It is a study carried out over a decade, which, starting from a scientific approach of in-depth examination of organic reality, takes conceptual form through matter. 


On the occasion of his solo exhibition Physis, at the Galleria di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Arezzo, he presents for the first time to the public works related to this research, developed over the years. Unpublished creations, born from studies and experiments on natural, often uncontaminated places, whose title Naturografie© has in itself the founding concept of both the final result and the process. 


The latter is an integral part of the work, in a journey to the origin of the relationship between artist and nature, where the support is a space of communion between them. The artist creates with nature but, at the same time, oversees every phase of creation: from the determination of the initial variables, to the time factor, to the final form.