Spazio FaSE


5 > 22 September


From 11.00 am to 01.00 am


Spazio FaSE, Alzano Lombardo (Bg)



S.M. - Discoverer or promoter of new possibilities of life or activity, spec. settlement and related exploitation in unknown lands.

Stripped of its infrastructure, freed from the debris, the void turns into a variegated and lush landscape giving new social and ecological life to the former historic Pigna paper mill. The greenery is organized to mitigate the industrial environment and delimit the large piazza, exalting the emptiness and emphasizing the verticality of the facades. The element of joining and transition between interior and exterior is the vegetation, memory of the original nature of the place: a relic of the woods from the original environment. The composition invites one to cross the project following a thin and undulating path, which simultaneously hides and reveals the happenings within the former factory and in the open space in front.

Project by Paola Innocenti | landscape architect

With the contribution of   spazio_fase

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